The Road to HARVEST

The Road to HARVEST

Opportunities to exercise and stay in shape are an important part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. That’s why we brought in the skills of personal training expert Chris Holder to design our new community fitness and wellness center: HARVEST. We sat down with Chris to discuss how he used his background in the health and fitness industry to provide Escaya residents with a better quality of life

The Road to Escaya

As an active kid and young adult, exercise was always a big part of Chris’ life. And after a college football injury brought him back to San Diego, it was time to take his passion for fitness to the next level. He landed at a local exercise equipment company during a time when the health and fitness industry was going through an evolution. And it’s been his whole world ever since, with Chris actively studying and experiencing many different training disciplines. 

After years of research and preparation, Chris created a specialized training facility in Carlsbad called re:form FITNESS. “But while the life-changing success stories from our clients at the fitness studio were so inspiring, I understood that without appropriate flexibility, functionality, and balance in both mind and body, I was under-serving our community.” So in 2012, he opened a second location called re:form YOGA, which was voted Best of North County by San Diego Magazine. 

“It’s been quite an exploration, and one that allowed me to really gain clarity on how to have the greatest positive impact on people’s lives. I guess you can say I was ‘tilling the soil’ in preparation for the harvest.”

More Than a Gym 

We asked Chris to tell us what makes Escaya’s fitness center stand apart from a traditional gym. His answer? “HARVEST was created and designed with clear purpose in every detail. Community members will experience cutting edge fitness and yoga classes specifically designed for HARVEST. The open gym area will be outfitted with hand-selected state of the art equipment, intentionally designed functional movement spaces, and periodic interval training workouts to help members get the most out of their training time. HARVEST is a place where members from every walk of life will be welcomed, guided, and encouraged to live their best life; physically, mentally and emotionally. At the end of the day, what makes HARVEST different isn’t really about the equipment, programs and the space, it’s about you. It’s about a culture of people who believe in each other, who understand that we all have obstacles to overcome, who encourage perseverance, who are invested in each other’s well-being beyond these four walls, and who know you were made, not for perfection, but for greatness.” 

Words of Wisdom

What is Chris’ mantra when it comes to living a healthy life?  You reap what you sow. “This simple and inescapable truth speaks volumes to every aspect of our well-being.” 

What’s Next? 

We’re excited for the grand opening of our new fitness center, and we know Chris is too: “I’m really looking forward to seeing members of the community experience HARVEST for the first time. I’m eager to see the different ways in which people’s lives will be positively impacted by HARVEST and the team of people who cared enough to bring this vision to life.”

HARVEST opens to residents in summer 2018 – stay tuned for more details.